Andrew Lucas

Doritos | Flamin Hot


Agency: Silverspoon Animation
Creative Director: Alan Halls
Production: Silverspoon Animation
Unreal Designers & Programmers: Silverspoon Animation
Designers: Andrew Lucas, Mike Pindara, Steve Lee, Josh Weiss
Character Design: Gabriel Salas
Character Animators: Avishai Devries, Kevin Nguyen
Character Rigger: Lee Wolland
Animators: Andrew Lucas, Mike Pindara, Josh Weiss
Producer; Laura Herzing, Callie Hanau
Editor: Josh Weiss

Another great collaboration with Silverspoon Animation. Doritos was ready to release their “Flamin Hot” mascot, Sparky, into the world and needed a series of animations to do it.

First Sparky was designed, 3D modeled and rigged. Meanwhile previsualization was comprised in C4D. Once locked, it was sent to an XR set where some shots required live action sets placed in front of an XR wall showcasing full custom backgrounds created in Unreal Engine. Matching cameras, that footage was then sent back to the animation team to composite together with the digital camera moves, character animations from Maya and of course the fully CG hero, the pack.

This one was a wild ride. I love wild rides.